You should consider providing an exclusive story that synchronize with the advertising messages of your Cheap Retractable Banners promotional campaign. Journalists, like everyone else, like to be touched by their self-esteem. By providing exclusive news, this particular journalist has the first right to refuse. The exclusive also guarantees that they will break the story by any other channel. You just have to make sure that provide a clear cut off date of your deal; otherwise it will burn bridges for the future. Once you gained the reporters interest on your story, you could enjoy the miracle of free mass media publicity.

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Once the exclusive live broadcast, you can post a press release and cast a larger web to reach out to other reporters who will be interested in the news coverage, which in turn will lead to more coverage. Consider throwing an event with your Cheap Retractable Banners (more info – promotion. Everyone loves free food and drink. Holding an event that invites a few local reporters to attend is a small investment that could lead to a big ROI.

This event with the Retractable Banner promotion is not necessarily a grand ball, but it should be open to the public. When journalists arrive, someone needs to say hello to them, they can showcase their surroundings and provide presentations that literally cater to their needs.

If reporters have a great time, they will be more likely to write a positive review, talk with your future and participate in more activities. In addition, the gift bag that match the theme of your Roll Up Banner Signs never hurts and you should be prepared to take a photo as the usual media will come to an incident with the photographer. If you are launching a new food product, make sure that the tasting product samples are displayed and available for people to see, touch, smell, or feel.

Really understand journalists, understand what they are interested in, and what they are doing right now. There may be a long way to go to invest a little effort. When using this method, we must be more tactful, because you would expect to build a long lasting relationship in the long run.

Remember, most journalists do not look for a feature story in a company if it just appears as an advertisement media. Journalists are more inclined to write larger trends, so you need to figure out how your story can fit into a larger theme.